Creating Trust and Community

  As every teacher knows, creating a class community is one of the most important things about teaching. This makes creating an online community even more important. We need to be a little more purposeful in generating this community when we can’t fall back on face-to-face interaction. Before this was discussed as a blog prompt […]

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Add It To The List

I am going to be a bit of a hypocrite in this post. At least that is how I feel while I am writing this. I have felt that this course has been an overload of apps, programs, sites, and LMS’ that can make a person dizzy. There is not enough time in this course […]

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Screencastify – Plus/Minus

  I took a little bit of time this week to check out Screencastify as a content creation tool. I chose this because I am already using a number of GAFE in my classroom and the school that I work with uses Chromebooks. When I heard that Screencastify was a Chrome extension option, I wanted to […]

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